NLG Apps tutorial

First, you'll get an overview of configuring an NLG App.

Then, you’ll begin the tutorial by importing Arria's add-in into a sample Power BI report.

Next, you'll select the data you wish to narrate (in this case, the data visualized in the two bar charts on Page 1 of the report) and sign in to your Arria account.

After that, you'll provide some information about your selected data and the kind of things you'd like to say about it, and generate a narrative from the data using the Descriptive Statistics NLG App.

Finally, using the Describe a Pie Chart NLG App, you'll generate a narrative to describe the pie chart on Page 2 of the report.



To configure the NLG Apps feature, you must have an Arria NLG Studio account, or an Arria for Power BI account with, at a minimum, a Standard subscription. See Arria accounts and supported features for more information.