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Custom Narratives

Configure custom narratives, or create your own

Configure custom narratives created using the full programmability of NLG Studio and add them to your report with the click of a button. Get started with our BI Starter project and its library of BI-specific helper functions, then customize it for your specific use cases.


Get started with our step-by-step tutorials and reference documentation

Learn how to customize a narrative project in NLG Studio, then generate the narrative in your Power BI dashboard using the Arria custom visual.


To access and complete the Custom Narratives tutorials you must have an Arria account and an Arria NLG Studio license. If you don't already have one, you can request a free trial.

To access the tutorials, click on the links below and sign in to your Arria account.


  • About project types in NLG Studio

    NLG Studio offers the ability to work with different data types in different ways. You select your project type based on the type of data you have and the functions you need to use on the data.



To learn about creating Studio projects from scratch and writing your own scripts, see the Arria NLG Studio documentation and tutorials.