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A numeric, quantitative field in your data. Measures in the sample dataset include Sales and Profit.


A categorical, qualitative field in your data. Dimensions in the sample dataset include Country and Product.

Dimension instance

A specific instance of a dimension. For example, Germany is an instance of the Country dimension.

Time dimension

A special type of dimension that contains date values.

Non-time filter

Another name for a dimension instance. In Sales of Retine in 2019?, the non-time filter is Retine.

Time filter

A filter that focuses your query on a particular time point or time interval.

Time point

A specific day, month, quarter, or year.

Time interval

An interval of time comprising two time points (e.g. "from May 2020 to June 2020").

Deictic time filter

A time filter given as a deictic word or expression. Examples include "yesterday" or "last year".

Exclusion filter

A filter that excludes one or more dimension instances (e.g. Germany) from the query.