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Arria accounts and licenses

To configure Arria for Tableau you must log in to the extension with your Arria account credentials and have an Arria for BI license or an Arria NLG Studio license.

This topic describes the features enabled by each license-type.



Tableau dashboard viewers do not need an Arria account or license to view and interact with Arria for Tableau narratives or the Arria Answers feature.

Arria for BI license

The Arria for BI license enables users to configure all three Arria for Tableau features:

  • NLG Apps + Arria Answers + Custom Narratives.


The Arria for BI license enables users to configure and call custom narratives, created in NLG Studio, from the Arria for Tableau extension. Custom narratives must be created and published by a user with an Arria NLG Studio license.


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Arria NLG Studio license

An Arria NLG Studio license gives full access to the NLG Studio environment and accompanying documentation.

Use the full programmability of Studio to create your own custom narratives for specific use cases. Harness the power of features such as Parameter Controls, which enable your dashboard viewers to change the narrative depending on the selections they make.


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