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Release notes

Arria for TIBCO Spotfire: Intelligent Narratives

For further information or help with any of these issues, please contact our Support Team.

Version 3.0.7

Arria Answers 1.3.7

June 2023

Arria Answers 1.3.7 is now available through Arria for TIBCO Spotfire 3.0.7 and includes the change below.

Fixed issue

  • Field values that contain slashes are now supported

    Arria Answers now correctly handles questions that reference field values containing slashes. For example:

    • What are my Sales in N/America?

Arria for TIBCO Spotfire 3.0.7

March 2023


  • Security updates

    This release includes essential security updates.



Version 3.0.6

February 2023

Notable changes

  • NLG Apps: Additional license checking

    We now check that the narrative creator has a valid Arria for TIBCO Spotfire license each time a narrative is generated in a dashboard or analysis.

    If no valid license is found, the following error message is generated instead of a narrative:

    Your license is inactive. Please contact us at


    As a result of this change, Arria for TIBCO Spotfire may issue the following warning when generating narratives created with an older version of the add-in:

    We're having problems validating your license. Please contact us at


  • Security updates

    This release includes essential security updates.



Version 3.0.5

December 2022


Arria for TIBCO Spotfire 3.0.1, 3.0.2, 3.0.3, and 3.0.4 were released internally only.


  • Security updates

    This release includes essential security updates.



Version 3.0.0

October 2022

Arria for TIBCO Spotfire 3.0.0 introduces a redesigned out-of-the-box experience, an all-new natural language query experience, and several user interface enhancements — making it even easier to add automatically generated natural language insights to your reports and dashboards.

Enhancements and new features

  • NLG Apps

    NLG Apps is a new feature based on the Configuring Narratives feature found in previous versions of Arria for TIBCO Spotfire. It introduces 10 new out-of-the-box narrative apps.

    See NLG Apps for a quick start video, step-by-step tutorial, and reference documentation.

  • Arria Answers

    Arria Answers is a conversational-AI platform that integrates with TIBCO Spotfire dashboards. It gives users real-time access to key insights, using natural language queries.

    See Arria Answers for a quick start video, step-by-step tutorial, and reference documentation.

Notable changes

  • Arria for BI license

    To configure the Arria for TIBCO Spotfire Intelligent Narratives mod, you must now have an Arria account and an Arria for BI license.

    See Arria accounts and licenses for details.

Known issues

  • Narratives may become out of sync with filter selection

    When you select or deselect multiple filter values in rapid succession, narratives may become out of sync with the latest filter state.

  • Narratives not automatically refreshed after changing fields in Arria Answers

    If you move to Arria Answers from a generated narrative and add or remove fields in the Arria Answers wizard, the narrative is not automatically regenerated to reflect those changes when you return to it.

    To refresh the narrative so that it reflects any changes made to fields while on the Arria Answers page, regenerate it from the NLG Apps or Custom Narratives configuration page.

  • NLG Apps: No error message generated when more than one date column selected for the same period

    When you select more than one column with datetime data for the same period — for example, you select year data in a single Date column and select a separate Year column — NLG apps should generate an error message. Instead, the Time-Based Variance, Trend Analysis, Anomalies, and Correlations apps discard all but one column containing year data and generate a narrative.

  • NLG Apps: Currency values rounding error

    At the data analysis level, NLG apps work with the actual values in your data. At the narrative level, however, the apps display large currency values in rounded form. This is done to improve readability, but occasionally it creates the false appearance of a calculation error.

    For example, if the March Sales value is $2,666,503 and the April Sales value is $4,821,627.50, an NLG app correctly calculates (from the raw data) a variance value of $2,155,124.50.  If your Sales measure has its Entity Type set to Currency, the app might report this insight as:

    "Sales rose by $2.16M from $2.67M to $4.82M between Mar 2022 and Apr 2022."

    This statement appears inaccurate because the difference between $2.67M and $4.82M is $2.15M, not $2.16M. The app has calculated correctly; the reported result appears inaccurate only because rounding was applied to all three currency values for display purposes AFTER data analysis was complete.

  • NLG Apps: Narrative length option is reset by a dimension name change

    Changing a dimension's name also resets its Narrative length > My key insights settings.

  • NLG Apps and Arria Answers: Changing a measure's aggregation type resets the Entity Type field

    Changing the aggregation type of a measure that has already been added to the Intelligent Narratives mod resets that measure's Entity Type field to None. This can lead to unexpected errors and narratives.

    To work around this issue, reconfigure the Entity Type field after changing a measure's aggregation type.

  • Custom Narratives: Can't generate a narrative after switching to and from the Arria Answers wizard

    When you navigate from a custom narrative to Arria Answers and back again, the Generate button does not work. To resolve this, select Narrative from the Arria Context menu and then reselect Custom Narratives.