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What can Arria Connect do for my automation?

Let’s assume you want to automate something you write – your daily stock portfolio email, weekly sales summary report, or bespoke customer response. You can make this happen by using Arria Connect and Arria NLG Studio.

In any situation where you want to generate a narrative describing a dataset and then use that narrative inside your automation workflow, Arria makes it easy. The Arria Connect custom activity allows you to seamlessly connect your UiPath automation to NLG Studio. Using this activity, you call an NLG service (such as a published NLG Studio project) and send it data passed down from an upstream activity. The resulting narrative is then available to be consumed by a downstream activity, for delivery somewhere else.

This guide will show you how to:

  • install the Arria Connect custom activity in UiPath Studio.

  • publish a simple NLG Studio project that will narrate your data.

  • call the published project from UiPath Studio using an Arria NLG service, sending a sample dataset and receiving a narrative describing it.



This guide focuses on describing the Arria Connect custom activity. It is provided with ready-made sample NLG Studio projects and datasets. When you are ready to create your own NLG Studio projects and design your own narrative scripts, get started with our comprehensive tutorials.

There are endless ways you can integrate NLG Studio narratives with your existing or proposed automation workflows: for ideas, check our Samples library.