Configure the default settings

As stated earlier in the tutorial, the default time filter is Last monthly.

In this final part of the tutorial, you'll learn how to (1) change the default time filter, (2) change the default currency unit, and (3) designate a measure as a non-currency measure.

  1. Click the add-in to ensure it's selected, then click the Format icon in the Visualizations pane.

    AA-PBI click-format-icon.png
  2. Scroll down and click Arria Answers Configuration to open the configuration panel.

    AA-PBI configuration-panel.gif


    This tutorial assumes you are using Power BI Desktop. If you are using an online version of Power BI and you are not the project owner, you may not have permission to access the config panel.

  3. Click the drop-down for Default time filter and select Latest quarter.

    AA-PBI configure-default-time-filter.png
  4. Return to the Arria Answers widget and re-enter the query What are my Sales?

    AA-PBI query-5 (new).png

    This time the total sales for the current quarter are returned rather than the current month.

  5. Enter the query What are my Sales of Glower?

    AA-PBI query-6 (new).png

    The total sales figure in US dollars is returned, as US dollars is the default currency unit. Let's change this.

  6. In the configuration panel, click the Default currency drop-down and select Euro (EUR) from the list.

  7. In the add-in, re-enter What are my Sales of Glower?

    AA-PBI query-7 (new).png

    The total sales figure is now shown in Euros.


    Only the currency sign changes. No currency conversion calculation occurs.

  8. Now enter the query What about Units Sold for Retine?

    AA-PBI query-8 (new).png

    The number of units sold is returned as currency measure, which is inappropriate for this measure. Let's change this.

  9. In the configuration panel, click in the Non-currency measures field and type Units Sold.

    AA-PBI assign-non-currency.png


    To define more than one field as a non-currency measure, you must enter each field in a comma-separated list, with no space between the comma and the next value.

  10. Now re-enter What about Units Sold for Retine?

    AA-PBI query-9 (new).png

    The total number of Units Sold is now returned as a non-currency measure.


This tutorial uses sum-aggregation queries only, but Arria Answers supports many other query types (top queries, group-by queries, variance queries, etc.). Please see Query types for guidance and examples.