Upload the sample data

You'll now download some sample financial data and upload it to the Power BI report.


See Sample dataset guide for details of the dataset used in this tutorial.

  1. Download the sample dataset (.CSV file).

  2. In Power BI, in the Home tab, click on the down arrow for Get data.

  3. Select Text/CSV from the drop-down list:

    AA-PBI get-data.png
  4. Navigate to the arria-sample-financial-data.csv file you downloaded in Step 1, and click Open.

    You see a preview window displaying the data:

    AA-PBI open-dataset (new 2).png
  5. Click Load.

    The Fields pane should now show a list of field names:

    AA-PBI fields-pane.png


Our sample dataset has a Date column. All values in this column are formatted using the same date format. From this Power BI automatically creates a hierarchy with Day, Month, Quarter, and Year fields. These are essential for applying time filters and calculating time-based variance. Make sure you select them in the next stage of the tutorial.


You can also store your time-based data across multiple columns such as Year, Quarter, Month, and Day. If so, further data configuration may be required before you query the data. See Data requirements for guidance.

You're now ready to query the data using Arria Answers.