Select your data and sign in to your Arria account

Now you can choose the data fields you would like to describe in your narrative and sign in to your Arria account.


When selecting data fields, consider the data requirements for your chosen app.

For details of the data requirements for each app, including the minimum number of dimensions and measures, and the supported combinations of aggregation and entity types, see the relevant page in the NLG Apps Directory.


In this tutorial, you will narrate the data fields illustrated in both bar charts on Page 1 of the report.

  1. With the Arria add-in selected, in the Fields pane, select the following fields: Date > Date Hierarchy > Year, Product, Profit, Sales, and Segment.


    Make sure to select the Arria add-in. If you have any other visual selected during the next step, it will be overwritten.


    You are presented with the Welcome screen and prompted to sign in to your Arria account.



    If you don't yet have an Arria account, in the add-in click Sign up here to create an Arria for Power BI account.

    See Arria accounts and supported features for more information.

  2. Enter your email address and password and click Sign in to my Arria account.


    You will automatically be signed out of your account after 1 hour of inactivity.

    You see the the Get started with... screen.


  3. On the right of the Power BI report, click Visualizations and Fields to minimize the panes.