Importing and updating Arria for Power BI

This topic describes how to import the Arria for Power BI add-in into a report for the first time and how to update to Arria for Power BI 3.0 from previous versions.

Import the add-in into a Power BI report

Open Power BI and do the following:


Update the add-in in a Power BI report

To update to Arria for Power BI 3.1 from previous versions of the add-in:
  1. Open the Power BI report containing your Arria for Power BI narratives.

  2. If the report contains one or more narratives generated using the add-in's Custom Narratives feature, first copy any details from the configuration wizard to Notepad or similar app. i.e.:

    • NLG service URL and API key

    • JavaScript from the Edit Mapping Script feature

    • Details from the Drilldown Controls feature

    • Details from the Parameter Controls feature

  3. On the right-hand side of the Power BI report, in the Visualizations pane, click the Get more visuals ellipsis:

  4. You have two options for importing the Arria add-in into Power BI. Choose one of the following import options:

    • To import the add-in from the Microsoft AppSource, select Get more visuals. Find the Arria add-in by searching on “Arria”, then click Add.



    • To import the add-in from a previously downloaded .PBIVIZ file, select Import a visual from a file. Browse to find the file on your computer, then click Open.


    A message is displayed to indicate that the add-in has been successfully imported.

  5. Notice the second Arria for Power BI icon in the Visualizations pane.

  6. With the add-in pane selected in the dashboard, click on the second Arria for Power BI icon in the Visualizations pane (on the right).

    The add-in is updated and you are presented with the Welcome screen and prompted to log in.



    If you don't yet have an Arria account, in the add-in click Sign up here to create an Arria for Power BI account.

    See Arria accounts and supported features for more information.

  7. Enter your email address and password and click Sign in to my Arria account.

    You see the Get started with... screen.


    The updated add-in is ready to use.

  8. Do this for all instances of the Arria for Power BI add-in in your report.

    When all instances have been updated, you can remove the previous version.

  9. In the Visualizations pane, click the Get more visuals ellipsis and select Remove a visual.

  10. Select the Add Natural Language Insights for BI option with no tiles associated with it and click Remove.

  11. On the Remove visuals from this report? screen, click Remove.



To recreate a Custom Narrative configuration
  1. Click Custom Narrative.

  2. Paste the configuration details you saved earlier into the appropriate fields and click Generate Text .