Add a narrative to describe the visuals


Make sure to click off the charts. If you have a chart selected during the next step, it will be overwritten.

  1. In the Visualizations pane, click the Arria add-in icon to add the add-in to your report. Move it and resize it to fit to the left of the charts.

  2. With the Arria add-in selected, from the Fields pane, select some fields. For example, a good starting point would be to select the following: Product, Profit, Sales, Segment.

  3. In the Arria add-in, make sure the Configure Narrative tab is selected.

  4. You can now configure your narrative. You do this in three pages of the Arria add-in wizard:

Follow the instructions in the wizard to fill in relevant details about the data you have selected for the narrative. Refer to the Basics and Reference sections for information about the things the wizard is asking of you.