Import Arria's custom visual into a sample Power BI report

  1. Download the Configuring Narratives sample Power BI report (.PBIX file).

  2. In Power BI Desktop, open the report.

  3. In the Visualizations pane (you may need to click Visualizations to open the pane), click the ellipsis (Import a custom visual).

  4. You have two options for bringing the Arria add-in into your dashboard. Choose one of the following import options:

    • Select Import from file if you have downloaded the ArriaPowerBI.PBIVIZ file. For this option, browse to find the file on your machine and click Open.

    • Select Import from marketplace to get the add-in from the Microsoft AppSource. For this option, find the Arria add-in by searching on “Arria”, then click Add.


    You should now see the Arria logo in your Visualizations pane.