Configuring narratives basics

  • Scrolling in the wizard. Note the scroll bar at the right side of the wizard. Use this to make sure you’re seeing all the dimensions and measures for your selected data, and all the characteristics that can be customized.

  • Maximize window. To view and work with the wizard's contents, maximize the wizard (click the icon in the top-right corner) if you prefer a larger workspace or improved readability of the narrative generated.

  • Prioritizing of data fields. Use the grab bars at the top left of each dimension and measure to move them up or down in the wizard. The higher the appearance in the wizard, the higher the priority for description in the narrative generated.

  • Copy and paste. If you want to copy the narrative generated to paste elsewhere, you can hover in the top-right corner of the wizard to find the Copy icon. Click this icon to copy the narrative to your clipboard.

  • Font formatting. You can change the color and size of the font in your narratives. In the Visualization panel, click the Format icon (the paintbrush).