Import Arria’s custom visual into a sample MicroStrategy dossier

  1. Download the Configuring narratives sample MicroStrategy dossier (.MSTR file).

  2. In MicroStrategy Desktop, open the sample dossier.

  3. At the top center of the screen, click the Insert Visualization button to add a visualization.

  4. Drag the new visualization to the left of the charts. (You may need to then drag the bottom chart below the top one in order to give the new visualization the entire left side of the dossier.)

  5. In the Custom panel, click the Plus-sign icon, and select Import Visualization...

  6. In the Import Visualization dialog, find and open the .ZIP file containing the Arria add-in. (Don’t extract the contents; just find the .ZIP and click Open.)


    The Arria MicroStrategy .ZIP file must be saved to the C:\Program Files\MicroStrategy\Desktop\Plugins folder.

  7. Make sure the new visualization you inserted in Step 4 is selected, not either of the charts.


    If you have a chart selected during the next step, the chart will be overwritten.

  8. In the Custom panel, click the Arria custom visual to bring it into Visualization 1.